Mark & Larraine Brattrud

Senior Pastor

On just a word from God and the blessing of our Lord, Mark and Larraine Brattrud moved from upstate New York to Palm Desert, CA to serve at Valley Christian Assembly. Our Church has grown including several new ministries in the Riverside County area and abroad.

“The goodness and favor of God on our church is an amazing part of our story. We invite you to experience God’s favor and become a part of our incredible church family. Valley Christian Assembly is what it is today because of people just like you, who have said “yes” to God’s purpose for their lives.

Our church is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the service and sacrifice of many. Valley Christian Assembly’s story is still unfolding and continues to grow today. We invite you to attend one of our new member classes to learn more about us, and discover how you can be a part of our family, and our story.

Our vision and missions are based on truths found in the Word of God for His Church. These two work together in propelling us forward. We believe God’s vision/mission for His church also mirrors His vision/mission for our personal lives as well. Therefore, we endeavor that everything we do is based on the clear teaching of the Bible.”

Matt & Danielle Brattrud

Associate Pastor

Pastor Matt Brattrud with his wife Danielle and his three daughters Shekinah, Jazmynn and Brooklyn.

“We are excited to help people in their relationship with Jesus through bible teaching, prayer, worship, and building community. We look forward to getting to know you and your family!”

Collin & Mellica Finley

Youth Ministry Leaders

Breona & Alexa

Breona Ortega & Alexa Granados

Children's Ministry Leaders

Mike & Nicole Alejo

New Friends Ministry

Lori Buccino

Finance Director

Royce & Cherri Gray

Property Maintenance

D Flor

Derek Flor

Media Director


Marc Thibault, Mike Buccino, Juan Granados, Vern Funk


Greg Smith, Sean Cahill, Brett Rusin, Shad Felis